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800-532-6675 This map may also be available mounted at a competitive price. If it's not shown as one of the options, call us to check on that.


Physical World Mural Map This map stretches the world out in a flat projection that creates a colorful wall mural. The artful colors and graphics of famous world sites make this mural a real eye-catcher. The standard map comes 3 feet high and 6 feet long. It's also available by special order in a version that's 4 and a half feet high and 9 feet long.. Just like its' antique sibling, this World Map has North and South America in the center. The price below includes lamination.

Item Description On Hand Price Buy
COMPHYWORLD Physical Decorative World Map Mural - 36 x 72 in 2 89 add this map to your shopping cart

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Unlike the maps listed above, we can also plot this map in a variety of smaller or larger sizes. Just contact us for a quote. Remember that we can change the size but not the proportions. The price includes lamination to preserve and protect the map. It is also available without lamination by special order.