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We now offer FREE FREIGHT on either mounted or framed maps to the lower 48 states!!
Contact us:
mapguy at mapshop.com or
800-532-6675 This map may also be available in paper at a reduced price. If it's not shown as one of the options, call us to check on that. Also, please know that we go to great lengths to protect your map when we ship it. Maps that can be rolled come in thick walled tubes. Mounted Maps come in sturdy custom crates .


World Map Mural Here is an overview of the three maps available as wall murals. Mapshop logoThe first one is 8 by 13 feet, the next two are 6 by 10 feet. They all go on your wall as wallpaper. Each strip has a little overlap for virtually seamless mounting. Or use a straight-edge and razor for a butted application that is totally professional. Just click on the map to see a larger version and enter an order.

8 by 13 feet  


See Mural Mounting instructions

See/order 8x13 World physical map
See/order 6x10 National Geographic with blue ocean
See/order 6x10 National Geographic with Sepia Ocean

These are all very large maps and therefore it is  impossible to mount them on rails.
They are intended to be mounted as wallpaper. The map at left comes in 8 strips.
The National Geographic maps below come in three strips
If you want a framed appearance, buy door stop molding at your local Home Depot or Lowe's
and mount the molding on the wall after you have put up the map.
These World Map Wall Murals really become the centerpiece of any room.
Note that the top mural uses physical features as it's theme. the next two focus on
political features and boundaries. The nice thing about the way National Geographic
has designed the last two maps is that they both have shading to show mountains.
If you look closely, you'll see that both maps are virtually identical.  That similarity is by design.
It's the same cartography on both maps; only the ocean shading and country colors are different.
 There's another big difference between the world mural on the top and the next two maps.
The top map is significantly bigger.  The top map is designed to cover your wall from
floor to ceiling. The two National Geographic world murals are "only" 6 feet high.

National Geographics World map.. 6 by 10 feet, goes up in 3 strips1MB so takes about 7 minutes on a modem to display
National Geographics World map.. 6 by 10 feet, goes up in 3 strips




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