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World Map Physical Style

This map is the most intereresting and attractive physical map we have found. Most physical maps highlight just the physical feartures of the earth, like rivers, mountains and lakes. This one has all that but gives a pretty good representation of cities and political boundaries too. Zoom in below and see for yourself what makes this map so different.
itemID Description Price OnHand Buy
0528850PHYSL World Physical Terrain Large 54x34 in. $42.99 5
0528850PHYSH World Physical Terrain Huge 78x48 in $88.99 8 Buy the 2 x 3 foot size
0528850PHYSLMM World Physical Terrain 54x34 Martin Mount $154.99 2 Buy the 3 by 5 foot deluxe size
0528850PHYSL.F World Physical Terrain 54x34 Mocha Walnut Finish Frame $229.99 0 Buy the 3 by 5 foot deluxe size
. It also comes in Martin Mount or in an elegant mahogany frame.

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