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Terra-Nova World Map

This might be our most popular world map and it comesin 4 sizes and multiple configurations. You will see 3 types of maps.
The maps that end in "-P" are paper only. The maps that have no suffix are laminated and the maps that end in MM are Martin Mounted). The smaller two sizes have slightly less detail than the example below and do NOT show Antarctica. We think this is the finest map of the world made today. The example below does not show South Sudan, but the map has recently been updated and does have South Sudan on it.   Optionally, we can mount walnut-grained rails on the top and bottom of the laminated World Map to give it a professional appearance when it hangs in your office. 
Item ID Description Price OnHand Buy
0528850369 World TerraNova 27x18 small~TNW $16.99 43
0528850431 World TerraNova 41x24 medium~TNW $24.99 31 Buy the 2 x 3 foot size
0528850547 World TerraNova 54x34 large ~TNW $42.99 27 Buy the 3 by 5 foot deluxe size
0528850547F World TerraNova w/flags 54x34 large $43.99 2 Buy the 3 by 5 foot deluxe size
0528850644 World TerraNova 77x47 inch HUGE~TNW $65.99 3 Buy the 3 by 5 foot deluxe size
0528850369MM Terra Nova 27x18 Martin Mount $94.99 2 Buy the 3 by 5 foot deluxe size
0528850431MM Terra Nova Medium 40x24 Martin Mount $96.99 2 Buy the 3 by 5 foot deluxe size
0528850547.F World Terra Nova 54x34 Mocha Walnut Finish Frame $239.99 0 Buy the 3 by 5 foot deluxe size
Our best offering has this map available as mounted and ready for push pins. It comes either as a Martin Mount or in an elegant mahogany frame. See the matching US Map

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