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Michelin World Map

To keep the map looking good, we laminate it as soon as we get it. Optionally, we can mount walnut-grained rails on the top and bottom to give it a professional appearance when it hangs in your office. You can click anywhere on the map to zoom in.  Do you need some map dots or pins for your map? This map has the added advantage of having flags for all the world's countries. Next to each flag is the index grid letter. This makes every country in the world a snap to find.
itemID Description Price OnHand Buy
9782061009901 World Michelin 40x56 in #903 (rolled) $24.99 12
9782061009901MM Michelin World 56x40 Martin Mount $139.99 1 Buy the 2 x 3 foot size
Our best offering has this map available as mounted and ready for push pins. It comes as a Martin Mount.

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